Show and Tell Submission

By filling the form below, you are signing up for the Friday 3d Printing Community Hangout Show and Tell.


Webcam, and reliable internet connection


Headphones, wired internet connection (wireless will work but can be questionable on live streams), a good microphone.


Keep everything family friendly, limit swearing, do not visibly consume alcohol (i.e. pour it in an unlabeled glass), no smoking or vaping (turn of cam if needed)

If you violate the above terms, are visibly or questionably intoxicated during the stream Matthew Flinchbaugh, and F3DPCH reserve the right to remove you from the stream, and future streams. It is at F3DPCH’s discretion who is or is not invited to the stream. By submitting the form below you are agreeing to these terms.

Show and Tell

This is an approximate, number of presenters, as well as interaction from the chat and hosts, may allow for more time. This is just to allow for scheduling and arrangement of the stream.