The Friday 3d Printing Community Hangouts is a bi-weekly live stream held on YouTube. Our goal is to expose people in the maker community to other makers and viewers.

Originally the streams started as just a random Friday night hangout in February of 2017, that quickly evolved into a weekly tradition. The streams went for about 5 months as weekly streams then cut back to bi-weekly. An ever evolving group of YouTubers, content creators, and makers continued to rotate in and out of the streams and from that a small community began to grow into a larger and larger community. In August of 2018 Marteinn from the 3d Printing Iceland YouTube channel began a European stream that brought us back to a weekly stream. the first week of each month was the United States time zone stream, the second week was the European time zone stream, and the schedule continued to alternate back and forth. In the summer of 2019 the European stream came to an end, as the US streams began to take a turn in a similar but slightly different format.

What we do on F3DPCH in the present day is a bi-weekly stream with the first week of the month having a guest(s) with a topic that guest specializes in, along with a panel of cohosts. The 3rd week of the month we hold the F3DPCH Open Hangout, where we invite makers to come on, hangout and just chat about whatever is on their mind. The F3DPCH Show and Tell show got rolled into this open hangout. This is just like when we started the Hangouts in 2017. During both streams the Cohosts, along with chatrooms ask questions to the guests or presenters about their project.

The end goal of the purpose of the stream has always been the same. By inviting guests on, the viewers as well as the guest are exposed to our audience. That exposure helps to welcome anyone into the 3d printing online community, and further the online maker community. Hence our mission of building the maker community through live streaming.