Welcome to the Friday 3d Printing Community Hangout

F3DPCH, is a weekly live stream by content creators, and members of the 3d printing online community, all around the world. Each week we get together and discuss topics related to 3d printing, 3d modeling, content creation, and more. We take questions from the viewers via the chat, social media posts, and email. Each week is hosted by a different content creator.

Until recently the streams were bi-weekly, every other Friday @ 22:00 EDT (02:00 GMT), Newly added to the streams is an European edition stream, which will take place on the opposite Friday currently scheduled @ 20:00GMT (18:00EDT)

The newest addition to the show, is we’ve now made the stream available the following Monday as an audio only podcast. You can listen by visiting https://soundcloud.com/f3dpch, or┬áby searching in your favorite podcast players.

Want to keep track of the streams, follow us here, and on social media, @F3DPCH